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Consulting Services

  • Prospect Identification
  • Well Location Selection
  • Perforation Interval Selection
  • Development Planning
  • Project Economics
  • Data Management Services
  • Invention Services

    Field Services

    We work with Chinese oilfield service companies to provide services both in USA and internationally. Chinese service companies partners partial list:

  • Great Wall Drilling Company
  • China Oilfield Services
  • CNPC Offshore Services
  • Yellow River Drilling Company
  • Jiangsu Drilling Company
  • Jianghan Drilling Company
  • Jianghan Downhole Services
  • Henan Drilling Company
  • Henan Downhole Services

    Operator of Oil and Gas Wells

    We operate oil and gas wells in USA, both for our own wells and as a service to other working interest owners.

    We welcome investors to partner with us in oil and gas exploration and production.

    Machining Services

    We work with Chinese machining companies to produce parts to specification at competitive prices.

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